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Elblag Technology Pvt Ltd.
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Elblag Technology Private Ltd Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with an aim to satisfy the need for quality service for Telecommunication equipment installation, commissioning & integration all over India. The company is supported by highly qualified & skilled BTS Engineers, Technicians & Project Managers. Our group of Engineers work in various capacities in companies providing services to different mobile phone operators & communication leading Players. With the advent of time Elblag Technology undertake site surveys, project Management, Installation, Supervision and Commissioning of systems, Installation & Maintenance of Communication system including Networking Solutions in the Field of Communications. Our Qualified, Experienced and highly competent Engineers, technicians, Riggers, ensure timely execution of projects and customer satisfaction. The services include Telecom Network deployment service for GSM, CDMA and WiMAX networks which include deployment of BTS, Microwave, TMA, Repeater, Site infra-structure, RF Planning, IBS, VSAT, STM, SDH and all other associated services. ELBLAG TECHNOLOGY


Transmission Planning :

Transmission network planning covers definition of the whole network topology, technology selections, equipment configurations, synchronization and management plans. Essential areas of expertise are also site candidate identification and selection, technical site surveys and line-of-sight checks.

Initial dimensioning of the transmission network
MW link level planning and interference analysis
Transmission media selections: microwave (PDH), SDH, optic, copper
Existing network evaluation/expansion
Line-of-sight surveys
Capacity and topology planning
The inherent reliability and cost-effectiveness of microwave technology have been given a dominant role in connecting mobile radio base stations (RBS). The rollout of packet-data and third-generation mobile networks fundamentally changes the traffic demands on transmission systems. Consequently, new microwave transmission techniques and solutions are required. With the continuous growth of mobile subscribers and mobile data communication, operators need enhanced microwave transmission systems. In particular, enhanced features are needed to handle changing traffic patterns efficiently, to offer increased capacity, and to make optimum use of radio spectrum. To achieve profitability, operators must have flexibility and be able to respond quickly to dynamic market conditions. These requirements make microwave, with its ease of implementation, ideal for access transmission. Today, 60% of all second-generation RBSS are connected via microwave technology. As voice and data traffic increases in mobile networks, PDH-based point-to point microwave solutions can be complemented with ATM-based point-to multipoint solutions and SDH equipment to create a unified, fully integrated and cost-effective transmission solution that gives operators the best network control and most profitable operation.

Today’s Transmission Network Planning requires great strategies and forward planning. In Network planning it is also important to make provision for future innovative technology. TSS helps customer not only in Network design also in expanding rapidly and cost effectively.

Banking :

We offers a practioner level program Finacle Software Training for the corporates. Our training programs have been developed by an experienced content development team, drawn from the Industry. These programs have been distilled from the real-life experiences of practicing finance professionals who are now a part of our content-development team.

The aim is to develop professionally qualified and competent bankers primarily through a process of education, training, examination, counseling and continuing professional development programmers.
• To develop the soft and hard skill needed for new age Banking.
• To refresh the basic concepts of banking.
• To facilitate study of theory and practice of Banking and Finance.
• Understand development of Information Technology in banking and Financial sector.
• To test and certify attainment of competence in the profession of Banking and Finance.
• To encourage innovation and creativity among Banking professionals to enable them to face competition.
• To understand how the components of information system, advance technology and delivery channels affect Banking products and the business of Banking.
• Understanding the importance of business intelligence and MIS to the Management.
• Understanding the importance of the web enabled Banking services,risks & opportunities associated with the same. To Promote continuous professional development.

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